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Wealth Consciousness Healing


Wealth is a by-product of one’s balance in emotional & knowledge quotient. Deep Meditation & Karma Healing would help one in activating the knowledge centre & balancing emotions to acquire wealth one truly deserves. Various powerful mantras (universal tones) and techniques to attract money are also practiced to change one’s wealth karma. This course is structured in a way so as to enhance the skill of creating abundance. In today’s world, people have limiting beliefs against money and block their abundance.

Did You Know
  • Wealth Consciousness
    …Law of Wealth Consciousness comes under Law of Magnetism under which comes Law of Attraction & Law of Gravity. Above all these laws is the Law of Karma
  • Wealth Consciousness
    …Being mindful, following 11 steps of Karma Yoga and mastering atleast 12 Virtues will easily and effortlessly bring wealth in your life
  • Wealth Consciousness
    …On Earth, one requires a Karma Yogi Mentor to become successful: one who is willing to selflessly lead, guide, heal, empower and push you to be the best you could ever be

What Is Wealth Consciousness Class? & How Can It Benefit You?

This course is an amalgamation of the mindful knowledge and business acumen of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, developed over 35 years of experience and practice. It is that knowledge which has the power to take anybody from zero to millions and after some time even to becoming a billion-dollar powerhouse. All it really takes to get started on the road to financial success – is the content of this course.

This class teaches students to find their true abundance by creating a wealth consciousness and eliminating their negative limiting beliefs that are stopping them from having the true joys of abundance -money, fun, adventure and happiness. In this seminar, people will discover karmic causes of their money problems and learn how to mindfully release negative money karmas and replace them with new positive money karma.

Students get to also learn the secrets of wealth & abundance by being mindful, while still having a wonderful family life. By practicing karma healing, one can easily have positive money beliefs and manifest a joyous & abundant future by learning specific techniques.

Benefits Of Wealth Consciousness Healing
  • Benifits Of Mantras

    Chakras become stronger and balanced so as to accept divine wealth

  • Samadhi

    Tap into the vortex of wealth consciousness by being in the company of Karma Guru

  • Resolve Karmas Of Health

    New mindful programs are created at the subconscious level of mind, thereby, reprogramming the DNA

  • Benefits In Relationships

    Create abundance for you & your family by healing the destructive family karmas of money

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Karma Guru Academy
  • What You Will Learn In The Course
Wealth Consciousness
  • The formula for wealth – directly from Karma Guru himself
  • Understand Nada Yoga and Om
  • How to manifest and fulfill desires
  • How to attain financial freedom
  • How the power of your chakras can take you to wealth consciousness
  • Powerful Samadhi meditation and powerful technique to create wealth, love and abundance in life
  • Powerful affirmations in Samadhi state to instantly activate vibrations of prosperity
  • Learning our unconscious mind programming so as to release limiting beliefs blocking money in our life
  • How to reframe your life
  • Learn the ultimate Magic technique of wealth from Karma Guru
  • Secrets behind building wealth
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How will I know wealth consciousness and what will it feel like?

    Wealth consciousness is more of a mindset than a certain bank balance. It’s about feeling secure, abundant, having high self-esteem and feeling prosperous. You will no longer feel you need to struggle to earn money. Instead you will feel at ease to attract wealth through fair means and you become a divine money magnet.

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  • How to achieve wealth mindset?

    One has to totally remove poverty consciousness to experience wealth consciousness. Poverty consciousness is a feeling of lacking, struggle for money, financial unworthiness and fear of survival. 95% of poverty consciousness comes from ancestral defects (genetic of family defects). In order to achieve wealth mindset, one must do karma source memory healing and family karma healing for ancestral defects.

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  • What can I do in my life today that will generate lots of money, now and in the future?

    Karma Guru says that the key to attracting wealth is to have a mentality of helping people. So you should become a mindful person, do ancestral healing, positive deeds and actions like helping elderly sick people, feeding sick animals, feeding birds and so on. In order to achieve mindfulness, one must inculcate meditation and karma yoga healing in their life.

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  • How to clear limiting beliefs to increase my wealth consciousness?

    The best way is to do karma healing from the source so that you can effectively clear limiting beliefs related to wealth. Unless one works on the karma, the original programming at the unconscious level will always take precedence in one’s life.

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  • Is being wealthy and being rich the same?

    No. Being wealthy means one doesn’t have to work to earn money. The passive income of a wealthy person is minimum 2.5 times their expenses. Being rich simply means having plenty of money, but they have to work to earn that money. Once work stops, the money will also stop for a rich person.

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Karma Guru

Message from the Karma Guru

You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma.

Karma Guru

Karma guru Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva and is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer.Coming from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic saints, he has relieved many families and millions of people from intense miseries of Karma in the form of betrayal, suffering, wealth and health issues, with his power of great tapasya (intense meditation practice).

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  • Abundance and manifestation meditation
    06 July, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing
  • Full moon meditation rebirthing meditation : Let go of your old & self awake to the new
    12 July, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing
  • Balancing root chakra saturday sound meditation
    24 July, 2020
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    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing
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