Third Eye Activation

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What Is Third Eye And What is Third Eye Activation?

The third eye , also called inner eye, is an energy center inside the brain located at the forehead through which your intuition and higher wisdom come alive, when it is active and balanced.

The third energy center is located at the pineal gland, a pea-sized gland located at the central area of the brain.

Third Eye Activation

The pineal gland has photo-receptor (light absorbing) cells just like the eye, which makes it sensitive to light. When it is dark, the pineal gland secretes a powerful hormone called Melatonin which regulates the circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle) in the human body.

During meditation when the eyes are closed, energy channeled by the meditator is absorbed by the pineal gland. When energy flows, it is nothing but light. The visualization of light with closed eyes happens because of the pineal gland. This in turn makes one visualize cosmic energy even with closed eyes, which is one of the natural experiences during deep meditations and third eye activation.

Hence, the pineal gland is also called the ‘seat of soul’ as the experience of divine union happens at the third eye center where the pineal gland is located.

Third eye activation is easily achieved with practice of Samadhi Meditation and Karma Yoga Healing

Did You Know
  • Third Eye Activation
    With third eye activation, the left and right lobes of the brain get synchronized
  • Third Eye Activation
    The pineal gland can get calcified (deposit of calcium) at the fastest rate in the human body, which in turn, blocks the third eye energy center. Regular samadhi meditation, practice of mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle is the solution to decalcify the pineal gland.
  • Third Eye Activation
    The third eye is also called the “eye of consciousness” which allows one to see beyond the physical realm, and awakens wisdom and mindful knowledge

How to Activate Your Third Eye?

One of the techniques which Karma Guru teaches to activate third eye, is a secret meditation technique, called 8th Chakra Samadhi Meditation through which a practitioner can experience union with divine. The technique of meditation together with Karma Yoga Healing unlocks the true potential of third eye and trains one to use it mindfully. Samadhi is a state beyond the brain frequency of zero when you see your body separate from YOU and YOU embark on the journey to find WHO YOU ARE and once, you find who you are, all your karmas will resolve automatically. With activation of third eye, you start perceiving everything from a higher perspective. Your psychic perception opens up which guides you towards your true path and also empowers you to manifest all your highest desires. Karma Yoga is the principle of mindfulness, morality and virtuousness. The highest activation of third eye happens for a true karma yogi who is awakened to the highest vibration

Karma Yoga Healing To Activate Third Eye
  • Health Benefits
    Third eye blockage can be linked to an emotional conflict in the subconscious mind. Fears/traumas from the past are healed completely with Karma Yoga Healing
  • Benefits In Relationships
    Activate your inner vision and intuition with the power of third eye
  • Psychic Benefits
    Have clarity , take mindful decisions and observe the highest perspective
  • Benifits Of Mantras
    Have a balanced ego and become more mindful
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Karma Guru Academy
  • What You Will Learn
  • What You Will Do
Basic Level 3 Days (Observe Your Past)
  • How karma (law of cause and effect) works
  • An ancient secret 60,000-year-old meditation & healing technique
  • How to identify & heal the source of issues buried deep in your unconscious mind
  • How to heal karmic source memories
  • How to see the consequences of your decisions & actions before taking them
  • The multiple origins of karma & how to avoid creating negative karma
  • The different types of karma & how to create positive karma
Advance Level 3 Days (Create Your Future)
  • Deeper understanding of principles of karma & how to resolve negative karmic bonds
  • How DNA carries the information of your ancestors & how it plays out in your life
  • The 11 steps of Karma Yoga and how can they transform your life
  • Sacred knowledge of the stages of consciousness in various dimensions
  • How to awaken your Kundalini.
  • Unique manifestation techniques for better health, wealth & relationships


What Will You Learn In The Course
Basic Level 3 Days (Observe Your Past
  • Heal in group and individual sessions
  • Tap into your unconscious mind to transform your life instantly with Karma Source Memory Healing
  • Heal memories, fears, negative beliefs & defence mechanisms by observing the past as a neutral observer & transforming present and future karma in a meditative state by releasing blocked emotions or karmic patterns.
  • Reprogram your DNA & create mastery over your thoughts and actions.
Advance Level 3 Days (Create Your Future)
  • Deep healing in group and individual sessions
  • Advanced meditations to resolve ancestral defects & heal family drama
  • Look back into your past with karma source memory healing to discover & heal repeating negative patterns
  • Gain deeper knowledge of your energy body & activate, heal & cleanse it
  • Recite mantras & download affirmations to let go of resistance & free yourself from struggle
  • Explore & develop your psychic abilities
  • Learn how to protect against psychic attacks
  • Manifest health, wealth and relationships
What Will You Learn In The Course
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does it mean to open your third eye?

    Opening or awakening your third eye results in a heightened state of intuition and enhances your ability to be aware of your inner true self.

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  • Can opening your third eye be dangerous?

    No, only fear can block your third eye and affect you negatively. Otherwise there is no harm in opening the third eye. One needs to have a strong mental will and impeccable mindfulness and virtues to be at peace with themselves and create no negative karmas, once the third eye opens.

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  • What is the power of Third Eye?

    The third eye activation is a powerful process to higher intuition, ability to see the truth, ability to heal and ability to see the future. It is with great mindfulness that the power of third eye must be used.

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  • What are the signs that your third eye is open?

    Initially, for someone who’s third eye is opening, there could be a small pain or pressure between the eye brows on the forehead. One may start seeing metaphysical energies and have ability to communicate via telepathy, once third eye gets activated.

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  • How do I activate my third eye?

    The safest and purest way to activate the third eye is through the unique 8th chakra ancient meditation technique taught at Karma Guru Academy. The actual ‘divine union” in this meditation takes place by condensing all the light in the third eye (technically the pineal gland of brain), thereby, training one to activate the third eye and divine intuition.

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Karma Guru

Message from the Karma Guru

You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma.

Karma Guru

Karma guru Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva and is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer.Coming from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic saints, he has relieved many families and millions of people from intense miseries of Karma in the form of betrayal, suffering, wealth and health issues, with his power of great tapasya (intense meditation practice).

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