The Effect of Ancestral Defects on Your Life

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September 25, 2018

Many people come with the karma of daughter-in-law and mother in law; it’s prevalent karma all over the world. However, people don’t realize that it’s not individual karma but it’s family karma. The family travels together with the family karma. Members of the family do not consciously take this karma but the family consciousness decides along with unconscious of the individual to delegate the karma. So whenever there is a mother-in-law daughter-in-law dispute and you can see it in the ancestors also in that family. It means at the great-grandfather level, the mother-in-law died early or had some trauma and couldn’t give love to her daughter-in-law and this way the soul has been forgotten. In the family, now, there is a  defect regarding not receiving love between mother in law and daughter in law. The new daughters-in-law who come in that family unconsciously will take that family karma and out of bonding, sympathy, and love will take the burden of their mother in law’s – mother In law to represent them in the family because they didn’t get love with their daughter in law and to settle that karma the new daughter in law has karma with her mother in law. This script continuously runs until someone in the family consciousness breaks it.


What can be the underlying cause of migraines and depression?

One lady aborted a child and her next child was having migraines. Her mother started expecting a lot from her because she lost her earlier child and that suppressed grief is stored inside the mother and the present child is identifying with that depression and sadness of lost sibling because that lost sibling hasn’t been acknowledged. That’s why Kashmir and Palestine and Syria problem cannot be solved unless they acknowledge what’s happened to their ancestors and pray for them because the ancestors are giving pain to progeny and it is an endless cycle


Why do people fall in love, get married and fight and divorce?

One of the major reasons for this is the ancestral defect. Ancestral defect comes from our family members who have not ascended to the highest dimension and we are caught up them through our DNA. For example, Children in the family may behave in an erratic manner become aggressive and angry because of the energetic cord of our ancestors whose desires are left unfulfilled. Our unsatisfied ancestors make us attract business & LIFE partners who are going to betray us and create obstacles. It is affecting the entire world population and the catch is that they do not even know it. Mother sends the child to the USA to study and the child then marries a girl and relocates there which deprives the mother of the affection of the child and daughter in law. The child feels happy and attracts a life partner who betrays him and many times have children with sickness


There are Rituals done for Ancestral Defects eradication. Does it help?

Rituals are just formal processes and not emotional processes. So they might only be mechanically doing it. They do a funeral, but not really release the grief from the DNA AND THIS GRIEF STAYS WITH THE PERSON EATING HIS BODY FROM INSIDE. In cases of inter-caste marriages or family disputes, members are thrown out of family which is a wrong Karma. So, this upsets the order of the family and the parents curse their children and it affects them genetically bringing problems for the children as well as the parents and it stays as a genetic curse even after they die. Only proper karmic healing can resolve the issue. Brahmin who does the ritual himself has ancestral defects. So, the spirit does not listen to that Brahmin as the spirit only listens to the mindful and pious yogi.


How can we tackle a child or an adult with attention disorder and extreme anger issues?

In the UAE,  mental illness is a taboo. Every physical issue in your life is based on a mental program. For example, a child with an attention disorder is aggressive, hyper, anxious or depressed. Even though 50% of the children in the world go through these phases, however, there is some extra drama in their life which makes them have an attention disorder. These children exhibit this behaviour to attract attention from the mother. They want the mother to acknowledge them. A fetus is the unconscious mind of the mother. The source of this attention-seeking behaviour comes from the time of conception of the child. Additionally, a miscarriage or an abortion before the conception adds to the fear of the mother for the child that the child will not make it and the energy of the aborted child looms over, Karma Healing facilitates by going to the time and before conception removing all the negative fear and energy which transforms behaviour of the child. So, it is not the child who needs healing the most. It is the mother. All the mental illnesses are the result of the unhealed ancestral defect.

How does my family Karma affect my life?

Your family karma is like a tree and you are a branch of that tree. A traumatic event in the history of a family can create generational waves impacting future offsprings, Divorces, Migrations, Wars or acts of violence, Early deaths, Mothers who died giving birth, Abortions, Exclusions, Diseases and Frauds all affect our family karma. One may attract the partner based on the family Karma. Mother-in-law gets daughter-in-law with a lot of love and affection to only fight with her later on. This is Karma.

How can we heal it?

This can only be healed through special techniques of ancestral defects. A number of readers are married, hey will not leave their partner although they might be having marital issues. The beauty of the technique is that the moment you heal the family tree karma, you will observe that the behaviour of your family members and even extended family will completely heal and will become warm.

A cold relationship of a parent with their father and mother or also between their parents will make that person behave like father or mother unconsciously because that parent when they were a child were missing the father’s attention and support and this parent starts to look for that support in their children and the child feels the burden and ends up losing the childhood at a young age to act like a good father to his mother or father. This spoils the family dynamics and harms relationships in the family. So, it is the mother who has to release the defect. It can only be resolved by following 11 steps of Karma Yoga and releasing the defect in Samadhi state. This defect is continuing in the world for centuries. Karma Yoga Healing is the Original Shiva Technique which was kept a secret for deserving few. In this technique, we see the past as an objective observer and transform the memory of all the present and future Karma in Samadhi State to happy or neutral karma.

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