Releasing Ancestral Defects

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What Are Ancestral Defects? How Does It Affect You?

In simple words, ancestral defects is formed when a person’s ancestors or forefathers have committed some mistakes, crimes or sins. So in return, this person is supposed to pay the karmic debt by going through the difficulties which are a consequence for those actions created by the ancestors.


The person has to go through this until the debt is cleared either by taking the punishment or by transforming them through proper knowledge and action. When knowingly or unknowingly our ancestors committed mistakes or sins, being their children, we are destined to suffer from the ill-effects.


Ancestral Defects
Did You Know
  • Releasing Ancestral Defects
    …90% of suffering in your life is due to Pitru Dosha (Ancestral defect)? Learn to heal Ancestral defects with the only technique in the world
  • Releasing Ancestral Defects
    Lord Dattatreya is the great master/deity who is invoked upon to heal ancestral defects
  • Releasing Ancestral Defects
    …ancestral defects can be completely healed only with the help of a Karma Yogi Master or Karma Guru, who knows the original Shiva techniques of karma resolution

Ancestral Defects Healing – Course Details

This powerful course by Karma Guru is a breakthrough in health, wealth & relationship patterns that have been passed over generations, without a resolution. In the ancient scriptures, it is mentioned that one should not delay working on ancestral defects. A Pitru Dosh or Ancestral Defect is a Karmic Debt of the ancestors, and is to be paid by the people in the family field who are affected.

The deep Samadhi & karma Consciousness Meditation meditational practice you will learn in this class penetrates the SAMSKARA (i.e. Karmic baggage). You will learn to overcome the difficulties through the techniques taught in class. This class focuses on the identifying the Karmic Oaths taken by your ancestors that is causing suffering and difficulties, and shows you how to release them for a peaceful and harmonious life

Benefits Of Ancestral Defects Healing
  • Benefits In Relationships

    Heal yourself as well as your family members

  • Resolve Karmas Of Health

    Put an end to damaging karmic patterns running in the family

  • Samadhi
    Attain ancestral blessings
  • Benifits Of Mantras
    Create new positive karmas for future generations
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Karma Guru Academy
  • What You Will Learn In The Course
Ancestral Defects Healing
  • Overcome family difficulties through the ancient techniques of Karma Guru
  • How to identify you are suffering from ancestral defects (pitru dosh)
  • Learn the most powerful Samadhi (transcendence) meditation to release ancestral defects
  • Activate the power of chakras to do deep in meditation and pray for ancestors
  • Learn the actual karma healing technique to permanently release ancestral defects
  • Know what are the practices of Kashmiri trika philosophy directly from Karma Gurus belonging to Kashmiri Shaivic lineage
  • Release karmic oaths taken by ancestors that are causing suffering and sacrifice
  • Learn the vital instruments of Karma Yoga, necessary for healing ancestral defects
  • Special healing meditation and chanting for planetary (Graha) peace
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is ancestral lineage?

    The descendents of a particular gene or DNA becomes part of an ancestral lineage. Those who are in direct relation with their ancestors such as parents, grandparents and forefathers, are said to be of the same lineage.

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  • How does ancestral healing work?

    Ancestral healing works when you know the right technique to do the acknowledgment and prayers and when you are in gratitude and peace with your ancestors

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  • How do you break family karma?

    The only way to disentangle from family/ancestral/genetic karma is to identify the exact ancestral defect affecting you, related to each problem. Once the ancestors involved and the conflict is understood, one can do the karma healing technique in a meditative state as taught in karma yoga healing. It is very important to give peace, liberation, contentment, honour, gratitude and forgiveness to truly break a family karma.

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  • How do I clear my ancestral baggage?

    Consistent habit of doing ancestral prayers and doing good deeds in the name of ancestors helps to clear ancestral baggage. Some positive deeds that help to heal ancestral defects are:

    • Feed pigeons
    • Feed ants
    • Feed sick animals
    • Feed old aged people and orphans
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  • How do I invoke my ancestors?

    Doing deep ancestral healing meditation and prayers and taking the specific name of your ancestors helps in invoking your ancestors.

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Karma Guru

Message from the Karma Guru

You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma.

Karma Guru

Karma guru Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva and is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer.Coming from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic saints, he has relieved many families and millions of people from intense miseries of Karma in the form of betrayal, suffering, wealth and health issues, with his power of great tapasya (intense meditation practice).

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