Enlightenment Meditation Retreat

The meditations and healings are based on super advanced techniques traced back to Kashmir in India, found to be the birth place of original meditations.
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What is enlightenment meditation retreat ?

This is a meditation retreat for true seekers looking for experiences of deep Meditation, deep healing, emotional cleansing as well as activation of chakras (energy centres) and awakening of kundalini to achieve one’s fullest potential.

Englightenment Meditation Retreat

This meditation retreat is for seekers who no longer choose to remain a victim of their karmic circumstances and are ready to advance on a journey to find their true self.

The meditations and healings are based on super advanced techniques traced back to Kashmir in India, found to be the birth place of original meditations and enlightenment techniques.

The beauty of this Meditation Retreat is that you will know you can lead your normal life like a modern yogi as well as have extraordinary moments of laughter, abundance and great health – 365 days in a year.

Englightenment Meditation Retreat Dubai

Most of us are suffering from Ancestral Defects from many generations, as the Meditational Practices we learn and practice are not deep enough to penetrate the Samskara, that is, Karmic baggage that has been piling up.

It is only in transcendence (delta) state that one can create a new and different reality and change karma at DNA level, Soul level, Akashic record (your balance sheet of karmas) & from the subtle body.

A meditation retreat with Karma Guru is an opportunity for one to completely surrender and let go of all limitations, in every aspect of life- health, family or finances and resolve deep rooted karmas are only resolved through mindful meditation practices.

This opportunity to switch off completely from the clutters of the world and to cleanse & rejuvenate ourselves is one not to be missed!

  • Karma Guru Sumant Kaul World Renowned Teacher,Mentor and Pioneer
    Level 1 May 06, 2020 | Level 2 May 22, 2020 | Level 3 May 30, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2 Al Wasl Road


Do you know Karma Yoga Healing is the Solution to your stress?

If you are seeking a permanent solution to your life problems, then Karma Yoga Healing is the answer. The emotions stored in the source memory of the issue create a karmic pattern that needs to first be identified and then healed. 

If you approach all problems from the karmic level, you will see why your problems exist and why people are doing what they are doing. 

We offer life transforming seminars, retreats, meditations and healing sessions where you can learn the techniques to transform your life. This knowledge will help you resolve heavy karmic problems and heal relationships, financial and health issues. You will find your way in life by managing your karma and practicing Samadhi meditation in our Healing & Wellness Academy.

What will you Experience at Karma Guru Meditation Retreat?

In this Retreat, you go on a journey of a lifetime where you learn the ultimate meditation techniques of Adi Yogi (1st Yogi) that empowers you to realize the highest truths of life. 

You are able to introspect deeply to profound awakenings, and knowledge transmission from teacher to student. You will experience many meditational techniques. 

These ancient techniques are those that have been kept a secret by the real enlightened yogis living in Kashmir, India, for centuries. The experience of oral transmission of knowledge from Karma Guru to the student is so profound during the retreat, that it can transcend one to the highest dimension of nothingness just through the act of listening. 

You learn different ways of realizing the Supreme Pure Consciousness as deciphered by Karma Guru, in the most powerful, effective & transformational manner. Learnt the secrets of karma resolution and be on this path of mindfulness that gives you peace, liberation and joy

  • Create Healthy & Happy Relationships
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  • Develop Ability to Deal with Severe Problems
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  • Natural Healing from the Source & Ancestral Defect
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  • Release Wealth Blocks
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    Why Should You Attend?
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is Karma?

    Karma is not fate. Karma is a deliberate and wilful action. If you have been betrayed in love, in business, job which seem unfair, this consequence could be result of action done by you in this life, by your spirit in previous life which you are settling in this life or by your ancestors and you are repaying because of the receptors and transmitters in your genes which invite similar circumstances or worse. This is a programme stored in your brain in the form of a behavioural pattern which makes you choose life , job, love, business partner thinking that it will turn out to be good. These patterns are rigid and the map of which can be read in your palm which is connected to your brain. In our Karma Healing seminar, we teach you to alter these patterns under guidance of knowledgeable teacher.

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  • Is Karma a continuation?

    Illnesses are nothing but physiological responses to psychological stresses. Whenever there is a trauma which causes a lot of grief, sadness, anger etc, a lot of energy is lost in the process. To prevent the body from further loss, the mind suppresses it deep. Still the energy keeps leaking as the mind is unable to handle the stress. That is why healing becomes important which is a four steps process- acknowledgment, release of emotions, reframing and disentanglement which literally breaks old neural circuits and makes new connections. Here expertise of the teacher who has immense healing experience is important. This technique can be learned by all as it can prevent future suffering to the person, his family and progenies, as karma is a continuation.

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  • Does anger and stress management work?

    Anger management and stress management does not work. These can never be managed, because the source is not addressed, which is basically fear of humiliation, losing love and support etc, so doing emotional detox, healing will help you to overcome anger and stress issues from the source.

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  • Why do people despite of best efforts are not able to change their financial karma?

    It is because the genes carry information from the ancestors that when money came to them, they misused it which led to undesirable consequences. Since, this pattern is installed like a program, even though 12% of your conscious mind wants money, 88% of your subconscious has rejected idea of manifesting money. Therefore, our genes need to be reprogrammed with new information through healing and also physical action – by putting money to the best use. One of the best ways is investing in mindful education and using money to heal your karma and help your ancestors which will bring happiness. This action will reprogram your genes and will lead to abundance of money in your life.

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  • What is Karma Yoga?

    Karma Yoga is a technique through which you will know the consequences of your actions before taking it.  If the result is positive, you take the step, if it is negative, you take responsibility for it, and then you come above Karma.

    The Karma Yogis know the consequences of each and every action they take.  When you abide by the Law of Karma, applying the ancient techniques, you will be able to foresee the consequences of each action you may take.   This will enable you to choose the highest, best actions bringing the result of joy, happiness, good health, wonderful relationships and prosperity.

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Message from the Karma Guru

You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma.

Karma Guru Karma Guru Sumant Kaul

What You will Learn at the Karma Guru Meditation Retreat

  • Advance Knowledge about Spiritt World & Dimensions from ancient philosophy of Trika
  • Manifest a desirable abundant happy future for yourself by learning speci fic techniques.
  • Strong Positive af firmations will be given by the trainer in the class to students, to help change their karma and motivates them to change their life.
  • Learn How to knowledgeably release negative relation- ship Karma and replace with a new Positive relationship karma.
  • Guru Yoga and Samadhi meditation- 8th chakra meditation
  • Importance of chakras and How to clean your chakras. Class exercise - with healing script.
  • Understanding epigenetic - how your environment plays an important role in your destiny
  • Learn Secrets of wealth and abundance and how to have it while being spiritual.
  • Understanding Karma Yoga deeply and anger- channeled information from the masters
  • Understanding seeds of Karma Healing Effects of Karma short term & longterm.
  • Understanding Karma Varganas and Learning different forms of Kundalini
  • How to Fasten enlightenment journey of a student Ancestral Defects & how it affects your Karma
  • Detailed intricacies of Karma- secrets unknown to all Pranayama
  • Understanding Leshyas in detail and understanding yourself
  • Learn How to spiritually release negative money Karmas and replace with a new Positive Money Karma.
  • Practice Karma healing and regression to have money supporting beliefs
  • Rectifying the effects of Planetary karmas Chakra Secrets
  • Aspects of Mantra [ Beej mantras ]
  • Technique for healing Guru Dosha
  • Understanding the concept of Eternal Soulmates
  • Seeds of Karma Healing
  • Prayer for resolving debt issues
  • Discover Karmic causes of their money problem
  • Pranayama and Kriya Breath Techniques.
  • Kundalini Consciousness Activation - secrets.
  • How to identify if you are suffering from Ancestral Defect.
  • Mantra Healing for 7 chakras
  • Class exercise - with healing script
  • Forgiveness Technique and prayer
  • Prayer for instant success
  • Void meditation
  • Secrets to speed up enlightenment journey
  • Awakening 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th chakras
  • Candle meditation
  • Seven states of Turya
  • Absence meditation
  • Awakening of the 8th chakra
  • Kundalini Consciousness Activation
  • Learn different Shiva meditation
  • End of mind meditation
  • Past Experience meditation
  • Healing fear meditation
  • Human Body Healing script
  • Different Types of Kriyas
  • Karma source memory healing pratice
  • Karmic life and soul Regression
  • The science of Mantra
  • Who is a mindful teacher
  • Lotus Stem Meditation
  • 24 Gurus of Lord Dattatreya
  • Hollow Meditation
  • Guru Dosha
  • Etheric meditation and Bliss Meditation
  • Chant Meditation
  • Qualifications of a mindful disciple

Stories of Transformation

Benefits of meditation retreat
  • Benefits
    Work deeply on intense karmic issues of life – health , finance or relationships
  • Benefits
    Be in the direct vortex of a Karma Guru for instant shifts to happen
  • Benefits
    Awaken your mindfulness, psychic abilities and clairvoyance to take mindful decisions, have higher clarity and deeper wisdom
  • Benefits
    Advanced healing of generational/ancestral defects, release of curses/hooks and achieve immense blessings
  • Benefits
    Recite very powerful mantras and download affirmations to let go of resistance and free yourself from struggle
  • Benefits
    Heal from the source to completely resolve karmas of health, money & family issues
  • Benefits
    Tap into Samadhi (Transcendence) state by practicing the powerful 8th Chakra Shiva meditation technique.
  • Benefits
    Be a divine magnet for the manifestation of bliss, abundance, health, wonderful family life, eternal soulmate and even positively transform your marital relationship

Upcoming Events

  • Abundance and manifestation meditation
    06 July, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing
  • Full moon meditation rebirthing meditation : Let go of your old & self awake to the new
    12 July, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing
  • Balancing root chakra saturday sound meditation
    24 July, 2020
    SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road, Dubai, UAE
    Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing

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