Karma Yoga Healing can Resolve Mental Disorders and Ancestral Defects

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September 30, 2019

Karma Yoga Healing is a powerful meditation technique involving the practice of 11 principles and 12 virtues in your life, which will make your thoughts very powerful along with a heightened awareness. You will be able to tap into Samadhi State and heal your subconscious program of self-sabotage and suffering. Karma Yoga Healing will help you release the energy of burden karma which has been passed on to you by your ancestors; from your Genes, DNA and your aura. This will also help you heal mental disturbances, disorders and ancestral defects

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul are the pioneers of Karma Healing, a technique that helps a person to address and resolve the Karmic issues attached to the soul.


If someone among a person’s ancestors has died at a young age, the new generation might unconsciously project the energy of their soul by slowing their brain down and numbing their senses. Slowly, this may end up in depression for the family as the soul of the deceased family member still connects with the soul of everybody else in the family

Suicidal Tendencies

When there are incidents of traumatic accidental deaths and untimely passing of a family member in the past, their soul seeks acknowledgement, and if that doesn’t happen, it creates intense suicidal tendencies in the coming generations. As there are the mass slaughter and killing happening in Iraq and Syria now, so many people have lost their family and their homes. Their children might suffer from suicidal tendencies in the future as the souls of family members remains distressed.


If a person is deprived of memories due to an accident or shock in your family, there are all the chances that those events have a repercussion over your life and you might have Schizophrenia. The only way to counter this possibility is to acknowledge those Souls and their Karma and neutralize the bad effects of it through Karma Healing.

Karma Healing’s benefits for Mental Disorders:

  1. Calms the mind which has been aggravated due to the effects of the Karma
  2. Removes negative emotions, traumatic experiences, and fears from the soul
  3. Helps a person to remain focused and take correct decisions
  4. Improves mental health and gives stability to emotions
  5. Improves learning abilities
  6. boosts the secretion of healing hormones in the body
  7. Helps to release the suppressed grief/ sadness from the soul
  8. Removes the fears hidden in a soul
  9. Improves family bonding and relationships
  10. Counters the bad effects of deeds by the ancestors

Karma Yoga and Ancestral Defects

The karma of our ancestors and our family holds a huge impact on our lives. We are a branch of our family tree so naturally, we experience the good and bad effect of everyone’s Karma. Ancestral defects are old negative beliefs, emotions, or Karmic oaths that create fear, hatred, anger in a person. And they can also create suicidal tendencies, phobia, financial difficulties, health problems, and curses attached to future generations. This is what we call Pitru Dosha or effects of the Karma of our ancestors.

It is just like a genetic disorder, the effects of ancestors’ Karma is forwarded to the next generation. The karma of the ancestors has an impact on the progeny as their information is passed on through genes and the DNA.

KARMA YOGA HEALINGhelps to work at the soul’s consciousness and family’s consciousness both in the SAMADHI STATE. So, it helps in releasing suppressed grief and sadness of the ancestors and resolves Ancestors defects.

Karma Healing’s benefits for Ancestral Defects: 

  1. Helps a person to lead a healthy and happy life
  2. Removes unexplained fears and anger issues
  3. Helps in coming out of debt-traps and attain prosperity and abundance
  4. Resolves family problems such as Litigation, Unhappy relationship, and Family Feuds
  5. Helps in healing the hereditary diseases
  6. counters the effects of bad deeds done by the ancestors
  7. Allows a person to start the life afresh

Karma Healing can help a person reduce the bad effects of their own as well as their ancestors’ Karma. Karma Guru Sumant Kaul  and Karma Guru Sumeet Kaul are two of the only few people who have attained this knowledge. If you wish to learn this sacred technique of Karma Healing please register with us

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