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In our Karma Yoga Healing seminars, we teach you how to alter your karmic patterns so you can transform your circumstances and create a new reality.
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The real meaning of Karma Yoga is – knowing the consequences of your actions before taking the action, which in other words is what true mindfulness means. A positive action of high vibration shall yield a positive consequence, whereas, a negative action of low vibration, will have a negative consequence accordingly. Even if one does an unmindful action, if one takes the responsibility of their action, they are able to come above that karma with ease.

Karma Yoga, Dubai

There are 11 steps of Karma Yoga and 12 important virtues spelled out by Karma Guru, which makes it easier to understand and inculcate Karma Yoga. A karma yogi is one who follows the principles of Karma Yoga, and has a minimum of 12 virtues.

Behavioral patterns, stored as programs in your unconscious mind, will drive you to choose relationships; jobs and business associates that may initially appear to be the best but turn out to be the opposite. These patterns are rigid and can even be mapped by reading your palm lines that reflect the energy that you carry. Without conscious intervention, these patterns continue to happen.

In Karma Yoga Healing as taught by Karma Guru, we teach how to alter your karmic patterns so that you can transform your circumstances and create a new reality. Since we create our own karma, we have the power to change our karma as well.

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