Family Consciousness

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Family Consciousness Healing

This revolutionary and unique course presented by Karma Guru is a beautiful gift of a lifetime.


Healing the family unconscious or family field/family galaxy is the ultimate solution to most of our problems related to health, money & relationships. Family dynamics as a result of family loyalty, family rules, secrets and karmic oaths create a pattern of suffering or loss across generations, until somebody changes it. And the change happens only with the right technique of prayers known to great sages who practice the ultimate enlightenment process, also called shiva techniques.

The importance of someone who knows the healing technique is, hence, indispensable. And Karma Gurus teach exactly that.

Did You Know
  • Family Consciousness
    …You unconsciously identify or represent the story of your ancestors
  • Family Consciousness
    …When the burdens of the family karma keep increasing without getting resolved, more souls within the family start taking the burden to balance the karma
  • Family Consciousness
    …By healing the family soul/unconscious or family field, you automatically resolve issues for other family members also

What Is Family Consciousness? And How Can It Benefit You?

We might tend to avoid focusing on the pain/ emotional conflicts of our ancestors. We fail to acknowledge the ancestor who is in pain, even though we unknowingly identify with the pain and are not able to let go of it. The actual reason behind issues in life remain unknown and the future generations end up being doomed as they are stuck with that ancestral defect. The person who is really suffering in the family should release it because he/she has unconsciously taken the mantle. And these do not resolve completely, even with rituals. Even though rituals are good, they are more of a formal process than an emotional process. Hence, one might not really release the grief so as to be at peace with the departed person. The importance of someone who knows the Healing Technique is, hence, indispensable. And Karma Gurus teach exactly that.

Benefits Of Family Consciousness Healing
  • Benefits In Relationships

    Release non-serving karmic patterns for you & your family members and know the actual reason behind unresolved issues in life

  • Resolve Karmas Of Health

    Reprogram the order of the family for natural flow of energy and create new positive pathway for children and future generations to grow and succeed

  • Psychic Benefits

    Enhance wealth & abundance multi-fold by healing damaging oaths/vows or commitments created within the family consciousness

  • Tap into Samadhi

    Resolve Ancestral Defects (Pitru Dosha), remove curses/hooks, increase your luck-factor and blessings.

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Karma Guru Academy
  • What You Will Learn In The Course
Family Consciousness Healing
  • How to tap into the family soul/consciousness
  • Understand family dynamics that are creating difficulties in your life
  • Know about family rules that are damaging in nature
  • Learn the steps involved in actually healing a family karma
  • Deep Meditation and prayers to release blockages in the genetic lineage
  • Know how to renounce karmic oaths taken out of family loyalty
  • Learn how to acknowledge ancestral souls in your family who are not in peace
  • Decode your genogram (family tree)
Power of Chakra
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are family laws?

    Family laws are laws of ranking and hierarchy binding upon all souls within a family field. Family laws are governed by law of time mainly as ranking system is determined based on aging and time line. Breaking family laws brings generational defects that affect everyone in the family field.

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  • Is family consciousness and family constellation the same?

    Family consciousness or family field is the invisible force that connects all family members together, whereas, family constellation is the name given to the exercise for healing family consciousness/family field.

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  • What is family loyalty?

    Family loyalty is a silent loyalty one carries at an unconscious level to the family field based on the karmas of family members. They are like karmic oaths taken to show loyalty to family members.

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  • If my family members are not doing family karma healing, how can I help?

    Since the family field binds to all family members equally, any healing done by any family member within the family field, will help everyone. Particularly it helps those who are directly involved in the healing process, even if they are not physically present.

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  • For people with partners, can the family karma of partner be healed as well?

    Yes. After marriage, the family field of spouses get merged because of exchange of DNA between spouses or partners. Also to heal karma of children born to a couple, it is necessary to involve both family fields of parents.

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Karma Guru

Message from the Karma Guru

You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma.

Karma Guru

Karma guru Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor and the only teacher in the modern world gifted with the knowledge of original Karma Yoga, which can transform the life of a seeker. He is gifted with the remarkable power and blessings of Shiva and is a Karma Yogi, philanthropist, visionary and super-psychic who is an internationally revered mentor, teacher and healer.Coming from the sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic saints, he has relieved many families and millions of people from intense miseries of Karma in the form of betrayal, suffering, wealth and health issues, with his power of great tapasya (intense meditation practice).

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