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Transform your life and consciousness

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Transform your life and consciousness

What is Karma Yoga ?

Hear From One Of Our Participants

Hear From One Of Our Participants

Do you know that your relationship and financial issues are mainly attributed to karmic issues passed on through your DNA (called ancestral/genetic defects)? Do you know that through Karma Yoga Healing, you can retrain your mind to overcome stress & anxiety ? Do you know that 8th Chakra Samadhi meditation is an original enlightenment technique of Adiyogi (1st yogi), which releases your karmic residues?

Every life problem occurs for a reason and resolving the karmic cause behind them is possible only through the ancient wisdom of Karma Yoga. If you are looking for actual solution to issues in your life, Karma Yoga Healing is the path. Every issue you face has a karmic cause which can be traced back to the karmic source memories, be it of an individual themselves or from genetic or soul level. The emotional conflicts that remain unresolved in such memories create a karmic pattern in one's life. When you change your observation and understand from a higher perspective why these issues are happening, you will learn the highest mindful lessons. It is only through the highest self-realization and learning that breakthrough in your destiny happens. We offer powerful transformation programs through our courses,retreats, meditation and healing sessions where you learn and experience the highest knowledge. You will learn that you have the power to change your karma through mindfulness and virtues which is the only way to heal your health, relationships and finances. The experience of Samadhi meditation will liberate you from all limitations and you will find your true path, and your true self


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Why Should You Attend?

On earth, there is a law that one needs a mentor, a teacher to gain knowledge and become best at anything. The knowledge of Karma Yoga is for those who are ready to elevate their consciousness, wisdom and awareness. Karma Guru has chosen to share the secrets of the highest knowledge on earth for all those seeking the ultimate answers about life. We offer specially formulated courses, retreats as well as meditation and karma healing sessions which are gateways to your enlightenment. Any issue related to health, family, relationships or money can be resolved with Karma Yoga Healing, thereby, becoming a breakthrough for your life


Create Healthy &

Restore the flow of love and abundance within your family and learn to live in harmony


Natural Healing
from the Source &
Heal Ancestral Defects

Release yourself from limiting emotional conflicts & hereditary blocks


Develop Ability to
Deal with Severe

Empower yourself with meditation and healing techniques that uproot the real cause of your issues and gives you a life of peace, joy & abundance



Discover the limiting programs conditioned withing your subconscious that is blocking your financial success

message from the Karma Guru

"You cannot build your dreams of happiness on baggage of past trauma."

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul

Karma Guru Sumant Kaul is a world-renowned teacher, mentor and pioneer. He has led business revolutions in India and helped companies to become billion dollar enterprises. He has helped millions in the world through life transforming ancient Indian meditation techniques. He has dedicated his life to mentor people and help them to discover their true life purpose making their life extraordinary. He has been declared amongst Top 5 Healers of the World in the publication by Times Square Press. He hails from a sacred lineage of Kashmiri Shaivic yogis in Kashmir, India – the place where the science and philosophy of yoga emerged centuries ago. He teaches ancient secret techniques from more than 60,000 years ago, taught by the world's first yogi.


Karma Yoga Healing Basic

Karma Healing is a technique which reveals how everything works through the law of Karma. It shows why certain things happen in life and how to change your Karma and your life

Karma Yoga Healing Advanced

explains how karma works, how to activate kundalini, release ancestral defects & karmic oaths, resolve money & relationship Karma, master body, mind & forgive

Wealth Consciousness

This course is an amalgamation of the mindful knowledge and business acumen of Karma Guru Sumant Kaul, developed as a result of 35 years of experience and practice.

Ancestral Defects Healing

Ancestral defects is formed when a person’s ancestors have committed some mistakes or crime. So in return, this person is supposed to pay the karmic debt by going through the difficulties which are a consequence for those actions created by the ancestors

Healing Depression & Defeat

The very reason for anxiety is the biological programming at the unconscious level of our mind. The body creates its own fight or flight response to every situation. Depression is your inner flight mode where one has the feeling that “I want to escape and go inwards to protect myself.”

What will you learn in the course

  • Balancing, cleaning and aligning of your chakras or energy centres
  • Understand dynamics of Karma and where your issues are coming from
  • Learn Special Karma 8th chakra meditation to release heavy issues in life
  • Profound technique to heal stress, sadness, insomnia and anxiety
  • Heal heart and remove deep Traumas
  • Understanding deep science behind your thoughts and feelings & how to transform it
  • The different types of karma and how to create positive karma to get good effects
  • Learn how to see the consequences of your decisions and actions before taking them.
  • Release blocked emotions and Karmic patterns
  • Learn most powerful healing technique - Karma Source Memory Healing
  • How to identify and heal the source of issues that are buried deep in your unconscious mind.
  • Manifestation exercise in a Pyramid
  • Healing in group and individual sessions
  • Reprogram your DNA and create mastery over your thoughts and actions, that don't serve you.

Stories of Transformation

Through the teachings and healing sessions we offer, people will experience resolution in any area of their life including physical illness and discomfort, finances and abundance issues, relationship problems or having a life partner issues, family problems, negative energy blockage and more.

Research Findings

Anxiety & Stress

of regular students reported improvement in their anxiety & depression levels

Relationship Karma Resolution

of regular students reported improvement in overcoming your family difficulties

Depression & other Health Issues

of regular students reported to win against depression, anxiety and negative karmic bonds

Concentration & Productivity

of regular students reported improvement in their concentration & thus increased productivity.

Event Details

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SKITA Meditation Center
Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2, Al Wasl Road.

Comfortable clothes for meditation and healing

Frequently Asked Questions

11. What is Karma?
Karma is not fate. Karma is a deliberate and wilful action. If you have been betrayed in love, in business, job which seem unfair, this consequence could be result of action done by you in this life, by your spirit in previous life which you are settling in this life or by your ancestors and you are repaying because of the receptors and transmitters in your genes which invite similar circumstances or worse. This is a programme stored in your brain in the form of a behavioural pattern which makes you choose life , job, love, business partner thinking that it will turn out to be good. These patterns are rigid and the map of which can be read in your palm which is connected to your brain. In our Karma healing seminar, we teach you to alter these patterns under guidance of knowledgeable teacher.
22. Is Karma a continuation?
Illnesses are nothing but physiological responses to psychological stresses. Whenever there is a trauma which causes a lot of grief, sadness, anger etc, a lot of energy is lost in the process. To prevent the body from further loss, the mind suppresses it deep. Still the energy keeps leaking as the mind is unable to handle the stress. That is why healing becomes important which is a four steps process- acknowledgment, release of emotions, reframing and disentanglement which literally breaks old neural circuits and makes new connections. Here expertise of the teacher who has immense healing experience is important. This technique can be learned by all as it can prevent future suffering to the person, his family and progenies, as karma is a continuation.
33. Does anger and stress management work?
Anger management and stress management does not work. These can never be managed, because the source is not addressed, which is basically fear of humiliation, losing love and support etc, so doing emotional detox, healing will help you to overcome anger and stress issues from the source.
44. Why do people despite of best efforts are not able to change their financial karma?
It is because the genes carry information from the ancestors that when money came to them, they misused it which led to undesirable consequences. Since, this pattern is installed like a program, even though 12% of your conscious mind wants money, 88% of your subconscious has rejected idea of manifesting money. Therefore, our genes need to be reprogrammed with new information through healing and also physical action - by putting money to the best use. One of the best ways is investing in mindful education and using money to heal your karma and help your ancestors which will bring happiness. This action will reprogram your genes and will lead to abundance of money in your life.
55. Why do we procrastinate healing ourselves?
We tend to procrastinate healing of Karmas because the mind doesn't want to surrender. You can't do healing from the mind because it's the culprit of your issues. Mind doesn't want to heal, it wants to be in the trauma. The only key is to do healing of karmas which will heal those traumas and stop you from attracting a negative consequence in your life. Use your free will to surrender your mind to the divine and see instant changes happening!
66. What is Pitru Dosha or Ancestral defect?
First, we must first understand what Pitru Dosha is and who are our Pitars. They are actually people of our family who have not gone to light and are caught up in dimension which is very uncomfortable. So, their energy is present around their descendants. Also they are alive in our DNA. Now if they are unhappy and had some desires unfulfilled, they energetically and through our DNA, start affecting the health, wealth and relationships of their descendants.
77. Nowadays many people are suffering from lifestyle and mental issues. How does Karma Yoga Healing help in overcoming such issues?
Mental issues occur when you want to protect yourself from any trauma; to do this, you close your heart and make yourself numb. However, these causes are all superficial and the real reason for these problems stems from Pitru Dosha. Healing at the ancestral level will help liberate the spirits and heal the person.
88. How can Karma Yoga technique help in healing from the source?
According to psychologists, your conscious mind accounts for 12% of your thoughts and it exists to fulfil the oaths and beliefs of your unconscious mind, representing 88% of your thoughts. Sometimes your soul’s learning is not the highest and it starts taking on suffering and self-sabotaging beliefs to protect you. What you feel you are doing consciously is actually being directed by your unconscious mind. By tapping into the source of the memory in your unconscious mind by Karma Healing Technique taught in our seminars, you will be able to twist the problematic brain activity and form new connections in the brain to get new positive conscious results. We also help develop ideomotor signals to tap into the source which is in our subconscious mind.
99. Why we need a teacher to resolve karma ?
Your karmas are circumstances which are result of your repeated behavioural patterns and decisions encoded in your brain in a fixed circuit. This circuit is prone to change only in delta or lower brain frequency that is, Samadhi or transcendental State. An untrained person will always view the knowledge and technique from a limited mind which is a culmination of old programs and patterns which are limiting, therefore, it is highly recommended that knowledge of karma is learned from a teacher who walks the talk and knows the subject. Just like surgery is an intricate subject and involves years of practice and training, similarly, karma resolution involves expertise for quicker results.
10 10. There is an increase of mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression and suicides. How can Karma Yoga Healing help?
Incidents of depression in India are very high, the statistics reports says that around 560 million people in India are suffering from depression. For example: when a person goes through a trauma in his life, the body starts producing stress hormone called Cortisol. However, over period of time the trauma gets suppressed in the unconscious mind & body keeps suffering from anxiety and depression in cycles. By learning these techniques, we retrain amygdala a part of the brain responsible for emotions, survival instincts and the memory by going to the source of the issue and breaking the old chains of proteins which were made during the trauma.
1111. Why do money difficulties happen?
With my research, I have noticed that money difficulties are coming as gene impressions in our DNA from our forefathers. The major reason behind money Karma is Exclusion in the family. For example: “money does not grow on trees” is a common money belief which we carry genetically from our forefathers. Also, there have been some instances of grief and sorrow in the family like, fraudulence, loss of properties in migration, robbing experiences, sibling rivalry for properties, bribery, ill-gotten wealth, which are blocking the flow of love and blessings of ancestors in people’s life. This leads to money difficulties in the coming generations.
1212. What is the best and quickest way to resolve Karmas?
The best and quickest way is to attend the seminars, retreats and trainer programmes and resolve health, wealth and relationship karmas by tapping into the root of the problem. Just like academic education brings return in the future, karma education can bring the greatest change provided a student is open to the knowledge.

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Transform your life and consciousness

Apply Now To Attend

SKITA Meditation Center

Great opportunity to interact with Karma Yoga Healer personally trained by Karma Gurus. Get answers to the questions regarding Shiva Retreat and how it is going to transform your life and consciousness completely.

Event Location

SKITA Meditation Center Villa 1069, Umm Suqueim 2,
Al Wasl Road.

Call: +971 56 383 3222

DAY1: Emotional Detox


  • Meet Karma Guru Sumant Kaul and learn the ancient Samadhi meditation.
  • Balancing, cleaning and aligning of your chakras.
  • The dynamics of Karma and the law of cause and effect.
  • How to look at the past as a neutral observer and transform present and future karma in a meditative state using a secret and original 60,000-year-old technique of the first yogi.
  • The different types of karma and how to create positive karma.
  • Learn how to see the consequences of your decisions and actions before taking them.
  • Release blocked emotions and Karmic patterns.
  • How to identify and heal the source of issues that are buried deep in your unconscious mind.
  • The 11 steps of Karma Yoga and how to incorporate them in your daily life.
  • Understand the multiple origins of karma and how to avoid creating negative karma.

DAY2: Karma Cleansing and Wealth Consciousness


  • The secret formula for wealth from Karma Guru Sumant Kant Kaul - a mentor to some of the world's most successful billionaires.
  • Healing in group and individual sessions.
  • Heal Karmic source memories, fears, negative beliefs, and defense mechanisms by observing the past as a neutral observer and transforming the present and future karma in a meditative state, Samadhi (transcendence), by releasing blocked emotions, programs or karmic patterns, that don't serve you.
  • Reprogram your DNA and create mastery over your thoughts and actions, that don't serve you.
  • How to create wealth even if it isn't in your karma and release unconscious money blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • How to resolve debt issues, attain financial freedom and manifest abundance.
  • How the power of chakras impacts wealth and ways to strengthen your chakras to activate vibrations of prosperity.
  • 8th chakra (Samadhi) meditation and manifestation techniques to create wealth, abundance and prosperity.

DAY3: Enhance Intuition and Release Ancestral Defects


  • Activate psychic centers and the 3rd Eye chakra.
  • Learn about the Science of Intuition.
  • Opening and aligning the energy centers.
  • Blessing the water and purifying your thoughts.
  • Know the secrets of The Power of Observation - A Law higher than the Law of Karma.
  • Understanding Ancestral Defect and how it blocks happiness in life.
  • Know the causes behind Ancestral Defect.
  • Karma Guru Sumant Kaul will be doing a Live Prayer and meditation to Resolve Ancestral Karma.
  • Learn the technique to work on the family field and release heavy ancestral blocks.

DAY4: Secrets of Karma Yoga Healing and Overcoming Depression


  • What is depression and what causes it?
  • Understand the causes and triggers of depression.
  • Learn the technique to increase the number of neurotransmitters in your brain.
  • Awakening the 8th Chakra and releasing the trauma of grief and loss.
  • Learn about the defense mechanisms and fears that create depression.
  • Chant mantras to open each energy center.
  • Know about deeply rooted karmas such as ancestral/genetic issues as well as nation/country karmas so as to heal depression from the source.
  • Learn how to scan a person within 30 seconds.
  • Open hand chakras.
  • Learn how to see the auras of a person and objects.
  • Techniques to manifest instant success.
  • Positive affirmations and neuroplasticity.

DAY5: Understanding Consciousness & Healing Family field


  • Exploring the stages of Consciousness.
  • Understanding in detail the 11 principles of Karma Yoga Healing.
  • Making the Family Chart.
  • Catering to specific Ancestral Defect causes in Detail.
  • Live Session by Karma Guru to release defects in your Family field.
  • Know Ancient techniques to resolve family drama and disturbance.
  • Release negative energy and emotions at the DNA and genetic levels.

DAY6: Mastering Karma Yoga Healing Techniques


  • The final stage to become a Practitioner of Karma Yoga Healing.
  • Practice doing Karma Yoga Healing sessions on new people.
  • Learn how to maintain energy after you complete the entire training festival.
  • Learn Karma Guru Sumant Kaul's special personal techniques to enhance your energy on a daily basis.
  • Polish your skills of doing Group Healing Live sessions during the training.
  • Closing Remarks.

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Transform your life and consciousness